Thursday, September 18, 2008


(ABOVE: My Hope for my baby - to always smile at the world with a grin this BIG!)
(ABOVE: My Hope for my 1 year old - To Love Unconditionally)
(ABOVE: My Hope for my 2 year old - To Run In The Rain just to get wet)
(ABOVE: My Hope for my 3 year old - No FEAR)
(ABOVE: My Hope for my 4 year old - To Always Find the Bright Side of Things)
(ABOVE: My Hope for my 5 year old - To Look At The World and See What is Wonderful - Not Horrible)
(ABOVE: My Hope for my 6 Year Old - Confidence)
Well it if Friday and that means Favorite Foto Friday time ... as always I am late with my post but hope to visit lots of blogs to see signs of hope ... for me I see hope everytime I look into Jaden's eyes ... Hope for the Future ... Hope for the present ... Hope for her as she grows up ... Hope for me as I grow older ... Hope for her childhood to remain ... I see Hope everytime I look at her ... she gave me Hope - as a mom to a baby, as a mom to a busy toddler, as a mom to a fiesty pre schooler and now as a mom of a grade schooler ... she has given me so much hope ... I know she will grow up to do amazing things with the compassion she has for others!
(ABOVE: Ella Hope)
On another note ... Jaden went to daycare with a little girl named Ella Hope ... last December little Ella was diagnosed with a DIPG - a brain tumor with no known cure ... she was doing amazingly well up until last week when an MRI showed her tumor returned and had grown larger than when she was diangosed. There are sadly very few options for a diagnosis of this magnitude ... her family could really use your thoughts and prayers as they maintain their HOPE for Ella Hope to grow up as a child should! Please visit Ella Hope at:
Thanks for your prayers ... hope you have a wonderful weekend, ours is a busy one!


Hannah said...

I love your post!! So great to see your sweet Jaden through the years!!

Our prayers to your is awful when your child is sick. We will keep them in our prayers.


Stacy said...

What a beautiful post.
I will be praying for Ella Hope!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your stories and outlook on HOPE..I will hop over to Ella's page also and share some love to her and her family....Love, Marci p.s check out The Prayer Bears I am a co-manager

Debbie said...

You are due almost the same time as our granddaughter! Milady is due Jan 21!! THank you for sharing hopes for your daughter each year, what a great way to put it!


Kathy said...

Great post! Love seeing all the pics of Jaden growing up. She is just so cute.

My thoughts and prayers are with Ella Hope and her family.

Kara and Darr said...

Clark family,
Jaden is just beautiful. Congrats on girl #2.
Best wishes,
ps-I just found your blog :)

Terri said...

Very nice post!
What beautiful kids!

ANDREEA said...

That picture of Jaden with the fancy dress,is just beautiful!!!!:)
I will pray for Ella.
Take care.

Leslie said...

Love all of the hopes and pictures of Jaden...Adorable!

Little Ella is in my prayers..that just breaks my hearT